In December 2005, Dr. Jack Wertheimer, the Provost of The Jewish Theological Seminary, along with other researchers, produced a report for the Avi Chai Foundation called Linking the Silos: How to Accelerate the Momentum in Jewish Education. Among other conclusions they observed that changes needed to be made in our traditional synagogue and we needed to view our Jewish communal life more holistically. For Wertheimer, the idea of “linking the silos” was an important next step for the synagogues. In June 2007, Shomrei made a major leap in this direction by hiring a Director of Congregational Learning to oversee all of our children's educational programs in a unified, holistic manner.

At Shomrei, we wholeheartedly ascribe to helping parents of toddlers and preschoolers connect to a synagogue -- through our state accredited Toddler Time, Early Childhood Programs and PreSchool, we foster early friendships and form early Jewish identification.

Our team helps parents of Jewish preschoolers choose a “next Jewish step,” such as our congregational school, known as the Jewish Learning Center (“JLC”), or nearby Solomon Schechter. We encourage our children to continue to the next step seamlessly, from preschool to some sort of Jewish educational program in Kindergarten.

Our JLC provides an engaging curriculum, which emphasizes modern Hebrew language, prayer, Jewish values, history, culture, & ritual, from Prekindergarten through 7th Grade. We strive to establish a foundation in Judaism & Yiddishkeit that our children can continue to build upon throughout their lives.

Upon completing our JLC program, we encourage our students to attend the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Prozdor Program or our own local satellite of the Metrowest Central Hebrew High, which meets at Shomrei.

Meanwhile, Shabbat provides opportunities for all ages. For the non-reader, Tot Shabbat is the perfect fit. For our JLC student, Junior Congregation is the place to be. Adults are welcome or can pray in our sanctuary.

Recognizing the importance of informal education, we offer a full range of Youth Group Programs, fostering friendships and further building strong Jewish identities for CHAVERIM (3rd and 4th graders), KADIMA (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders), and USY (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders).

Throughout the range of our programs, we encourage our students to develop a love of their Jewish background through a variety of educational experiences including classroom attendance, field trips, family programming, Shabbat services, cooperative learning, individual research, artistic expression, music & crafts. They learn to become active learners and active members of our Jewish community, Kehillah Kedoshah.