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2016-17 Tuition and Fees

All tuition, fees and discounts are per child unless indicated.


All programs offered are on an annual basis.  Other terms are possible but must be approved and are only possible if there is space available in the program. Shomrei Preschool and Congregation Shomrei Emunah are not-for-profit entities.

Age Schedule Age Req   Cost

 Young 2 (T/Th) 9am-noon (must be 2 before Oct 1, 2016) $3,010
 Young 2 (T/Th/F) 9am-noon (must be 2 before Oct 1, 2016) $3,520
 2+ (M/W/F) 9am-noon
(must be 2.5 before Oct 1, 2016)
 2+ (M thru F) 9am-noon
(must be 2.5 before Oct 1, 2016)
 3 (M/W/F) 9am-1pm
(must be 3 before Oct 1, 2016)
 3  (M thru F) 9am-1pm
(must be 3 before Oct 1, 2016) $6,510
 4  (M-F) 9am-3pm
(must be 4 before Oct 1, 2016)

Fees (Annual)

Registration Fee $150 per child
Monthly Installment Maintenance Fee*

$50 per household*

*only required if monthly payment plan is chosen


Early Bird Registration (only one of the discounts below may apply per child)
To qualify you must register and pay the Deposit and Registration fee by Mar 15, 2016. Discount is applied your initial invoice at the time of registration.

  • $100 off per child if the child is new to Shomrei Preschool but sibling(s) have attended

  • $200 per child if child is returning to Shomrei Preschool (must have attended prior regular school year Fall, Winter or Spring)

  • $350 off if family is new to Shomrei Preschool (no child in family has attended before). 

Multiple Children at Shomrei Preschool
If you have more than one child at the preschool you'll receive 5% off tuition for each additional child. (Discount applied to the lowest tuition(s) your household pays.)


We support families with your before/after care needs!  Your child can experience our fabulous array of enrichment classes, lunch bunch (2’s only), and personalized aftercare, Mon-Thurs 12-4pm and Fridays 12-3pm. 

Class offering will be determined over the Summer.  We typically include classes such as: "Kiddie Soccer", "Story Dance", "Mini-Monets" (art), "Little Movers" (yoga inspired movement) and "Sports Universe".

You select either "A-La-Carte" service (day-to-day, whenever you choose or need to fill-in) or you chose an Aftercare Plan (reduced cost commitment - you choose hours per week and term of at least 20 weeks).

A-La-Carte $20 per hour per child

Plan (min 20 wks) 1-10 hours per week $16 per hour per child
Additional Hours (more than 10) $13 per hour per child


Required Deposit

A deposit of $500 per child is required for tuition.  A separate deposit of $500 is required for an Aftercare Plan. (no deposit for A-La-Carte service)

Payment Plans 

Lump Sum
Remaining tuition (less deposit)  due Aug 1, 2016 or w/registration, whichever is later. Pay by check, credit card or by electronic check (ACH).

2 Payments
Half of remaining tuition (less deposit) due Aug 1, 2016  or w/registration, whichever is later.  Final payment is due Nov 1, 2016. Pay by check, credit card or by electronic check (ACH).

Monthly Installments

Monthly installment payments of remaining tuition (less deposit) start with a payment due July 1, 2016 or w/registration whichever is later and must be paid the first of each subsequent month until final payment is due Feb 1, 2017. An Installment Maintenance Fee of $50 (one-per-household, once-per-year, non-refundable) is due with registration. Monthly installment payment plan is subject to approval and requires automatic (automated) monthly payment by credit card. 


Agreement / Parent's Handbook

Shomrei Preschool Agreement
Shomrei Preschool: Parent's Handbook