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Shomrei’s Jewish Learning Center taps the deep roots of our heritage and tradition in order to sprout the new growth of young Jews. Our goal is to promote Jewish identity and connections to Jewish living in a modern world. We work to build a foundation of Jewish knowledge, integrating Hebrew language and Jewish practice in the classroom, home and community.

Learning is focused on the individual child and their interests and needs. Instruction is experiential and project-based. Children are engaged intellectually through innovative projects, artistically through music, art, and drama, and physically through movement-based learning. Gone are the desks and the teacher lecturing in the front of the room. Your children will have learning stations, peers to create with, and energetic teachers trained in new methods of progressive and experiential education.

Grades K-7, Our cornerstones of learning:
  • Authentic Judaism in a modern world 
  • Social: small group learning, students come together as a community to share, bond, and learn from one another and with one another
  • Classroom buzzes with students engaged in learning, choosing activities based on personal interest and inquiry
  • Shabbat is a central component of our program. Students are a part of a vibrant Shabbat community and are exposed to the larger Shomrei community. They see a functioning Shabbat environment, and they realize they are an integral part of Shomrei’s Shabbat community.  
  • Experiential:  Students touch, taste, listen, see their way through the material
  • Differentiated learning for each student, allowing every learner to progress in his/her own way
  • Individualized learning plans (especially when our set program does not match your student’s schedule and/or needs)
  • Practical understanding of the rhythm of Jewish life
  • Experiencing holidays, traditions, and rituals in real time
  • Develop close relationships with friends, the Rabbi, teachers, and Shomrei administrators (mentors)]
  • 5 core curriculum areas: prayer, Hebrew, Shabbat/Holidays, Torah/Parsha, and History
  • Shabbat experience anchors the JLC curriculum each week.  Students learn, create, explore, and practice skills on Wednesday afternoons that will then be used in a real Shabbat service and experiences on Saturday morning. The challah they baked with friends on Wednesday, will be enjoyed on Saturday morning. Students might write a play in class on Wednesday, and eagerly perform it on Shabbat.  
  • Social action

Our synagogue embraces members from a wide range of backgrounds and ways of Jewish living. We strive to build a community that welcomes individuals, couples and families of diverse backgrounds and orientations to join, grow and thrive with us. Shomrei Emunah weaves us all together in an intimate environment as we observe an egalitarian, vibrant Judaism, balancing openness, modernity and traditional practice. We aspire to be a beacon of social consciousness and action.

Grades 8-12, STOM (Shomrei Teens of Montclair)
Jewish learning and connection is a journey that continues beyond the bar/bat mitzvah years.  STOM  focuses on social action. The group will decide together what community service projects to tackle and how to tackle them. Accompanied and guided by JLC Assistant Director, Aylah Winter, STOM teens can make a difference while having fun and making social connections at the same time. Social events, outings are also part of the plan. Connecting Jewish living and ethics to the teenager's life and world is the prime goal of STOM.


For More Information:
Heather Brown
Director of Education
(973) 746-5031, ext. 4




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