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Alternative Service

Shomrei Emunah’s members include many who enjoy experimenting with creative new approaches to prayer and spirituality. It’s a testament to our congregation’s vitality that we continue to support these evolving initiatives while ensuring that we never lose sight of the basics.

Years ago we started a monthly “family service,” shortening the traditional liturgy, making it more accessible and child-friendly, and involving many different families in a dynamic and soulful service.

Later we began offering a “Shalom service” in the Youth Activities Center downstairs, incorporating meditation beforehand and, at times, yoga during the service. These truly beautiful sessions took on a wonderful, sweet and warm vibe.

The latest manifestation of this stream in Shomrei’s spiritual current is our “alternative service,” led in tandem by Rabbi Greenstein and Larry Schwartz – a deep, meaningful and inviting service in which members explore what a prayer means to them through song, poetry or prose.

Check the Shomrei calendar for the next scheduled alternative service.

Information: Rabbi Greenstein, dgreenstein@shomrei.org