Acts of Kindness

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Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund are directed entirely to charitable causes.

Our rabbi receives many requests from individuals and institutions seeking financial assistance: Jewish, non-Jewish, local, national, from Israel, and from all over the world. Every effort is made to confirm the legitimacy of the request, and assistance is offered within the limits of the fund’s means and according to the importance or urgency of the request.

Over the years, the number of people aided by this fund has reached the thousands. They include fellow congregants; poor inner-city youth; homeless individuals and families; disaster victims in Israel and other parts of the world, and health-care, social and educational institutions that are devoted to an inclusive vision inspired by our Jewish values.

Donations may be made to commemorate joyous occasions, or in response to troubles or sorrow. All are acknowledged in writing by our staff and rabbi. When donations are given in someone’s honor, that person is also informed.

Requests and donations alike are kept strictly confidential.

Information: Rabbi Julie Roth