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Mensch Squad

Perhaps the best-known and most popular volunteer activity at Shomrei Emunah, the Mensch Squad is made up of more than 60 dedicated men, women and teens who are always on call to perform acts of kindness for members in need.

Dispatched and coordinated by email, our Mensch Squad volunteers visit the sick, drive Shomrei members to medical appointments, help put together shiva minyans, cook meals for members sidelined by injuries or illness, run errands for new parents, provide rides to shul, and much more.

Our numbers have grown in the last two years, but the number of those in need have grown as well.  To insure that there is always a mensch available – or two or three – when members need us, we invite everyone to join our ranks, whether you have a little time to spare or a lot. Every act of kindness helps bring us closer to achieving a kehillah kedushah – a sacred community.

Information: dale.russakoff@gmail.com