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Our School Philosophy

Shomrei Preschool is a play-based, Jewish preschool. We pull inspiration from Montessori and Reggio schools of thought, as we promote developmentally appropriate experiences for our children. We encourage our students to be independent thinkers who feel confident advocating for themselves.  

Our curriculum addresses developmentally appropriate goals, but the content of the curriculum morphs every year, based on the interests of the students in each class. We observe the interests of our students, listen to their questions, and draw out curricular themes from these natural areas of interest. As a result, the inquiry process is honored and celebrated. Our students feel seen and heard, and they delight in the learning and exploration process.

At Shomrei Preschool, our curriculum is thoughtfully built on Jewish traditions, values, and holiday celebrations. We gather each week as a school to welcome in Shabbat with joyous songs and practice Shabbat blessings in our classroom communities. We welcome families of all backgrounds to experience the joys of Judaism in an authentic way. Shomrei takes a very hands-on, multi-sensory approach to introducing these joys:


  • We purse our lips and practice blowing a real shofar with the Rabbi.
  • We count Chanukah candles and add them to our class menorah.  
  • We decorate our own Kippot (head coverings) to wear during Shabbat.
  • We come together as a community to experience a joyful Passover seder, making new family traditions to experience with our loved ones.
  • We work on fine motor skills when we press coins into the tzedakah box. Some children love sorting the coins by shape.  Others enjoy hearing the unique “clink!” as the coins hit the bottom of the container.


Click here to read a fuller description of our curriculum.