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Our Special Preschool Features

- Low student-teacher ratio
- Integrated curriculum exposes students to learning in a thematic, natural way. Art, science, math, literacy, music, and movement all seamlessly weave together, allowing children to build connections as they learn. For example, while learning about hibernation, students move like bears in gymnastics, create bear caves in their classrooms, read books about winter in the library, and go on a nature walk outside, while observing what winter looks and feels like.
- Weekly music specialist exposes children to fundamentals of rhythm, musicality, and self-expression
- Gymnastics specialist teaches students important concepts of body awareness, self-confidence, and develops gross motor skills
- Exposure to a variety of art mediums and styles, which encourage creativity and joyful exploration of our world. Art is child-directed, process-oriented and often includes: sculpture, paints, play dough, tracing, cutting, use of natural materials and using ordinary objects in extraordinary ways (rolling toy cars through paint to make tracks or dipping kitchen utensils in paint and stamping the design on a paper)
- Cooking and baking activities encourage early science and math skills: pouring, measuring, sequencing, counting ingredients, and studying the effects of mixing together different recipe elements
- Interaction with Rabbi David Greenstein and Morah Sara Birnbaum, Education Director, who host a weekly storytelling session in class

- Shomrei Children's Garden:  Our students enjoy planting, caring for, and tasting all sorts of vegetables in our own school garden.  They love grabbing a watering can on their way out to the playground and digging in the dirt.  Watching the growing process come to life at school is so much fun for our students!

- Story Time in the Library:  Meet with Morah Aileen, a professional children's librarian for stories, finger plays, and more in Shomrei's library.

- Shabbat and holiday celebrations, bringing Jewish traditions to life in a joyful and fun way

- Opportunities for parent involvement: Amazing Parent Days (parents visit classrooms and share a talent or teach students about their profession), Volunteer at our Book Fair, serve on a parent committee


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