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Our Preschool Programs - Something for Everyone!

- Flexible Preschool Options for 2’s, 3’s, and Pre-K students

    • *Choose between 2-5 days/week for our 2's

    *Choose 3 or 5 days for our 3's

    *Pre-K attends Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm, which includes all our After School Enrichment Programs at no additional fee

     *Family-Friendly Holiday Celebrations, open to everyone!

     *An individualized separation plan for your family, ensuring your child will feel confident and content with his/her teachers & ample parent/teacher communication to give you a true sense of your child's progress in the class.

    Class Schedule, Tuition and Fees


    - Early Care

    • Shomrei Preschool is proud to offer early care Mon-Friday, 8-9am. Sign up a la carte for $20/day, or receive a significant discount when you sign up for an early care plan.
    Contact Heather Brown, hbrown@shomrei.org, for details.

    - After-Care Enrichment

    • Your child can experience our fabulous array of enrichment classes, lunch bunch (2’s only), and personalized aftercare, Mon-Thurs 12-4pm and Fridays 12-3pm.
    • Aftercare Enrichment Classes include: (1-2pm for 2’s & 3’s, 2-3pm for Pre-K)

    Mondays: Kiddie Soccer- soccer skills and games taught in a fun, silly, and age-appropriate manner- perfect for preschoolers!

    Tuesdays: StoryDance with Morah Sheila- stories come to life through music and movement, as children learn body awareness, creativity, and self-expression. Learn more: www.storydances.com

    Wednesdays: Mini-Monets with Morah Sally- bring out the inner artist in your child! Children will be introduced to a variety of artists, spanning modern day creators to classic artists. Using a variety of techniques and mediums, students will explore their creative side as they create individual and group masterpieces each week.

    Thursdays: Little Movers with Morah Carrie- Yoga and movement will keep your little ones busy as they use their creativity to stretch and move each week. Incorporating music and games, Morah Carrie keeps her students entertained as they learn new yoga poses and fun new ways to move their bodies.

    Fridays: Sports Universe- experience a variety of sports packed into fun games, skill-building, and age-appropriate fun. Coach Rick brings new sports equipment each week, and children not only learn sports skills, but also crucial teamwork skills.

    Contact Heather Brown, hbrown@shomrei.org, for pricing information and availability.

    - Toddler Time

    • A first taste of preschool for your 14-24 month old, where your child can experience the joys of school alongside a parent or caregiver.
    - Jammies and Jeans Shabbat
    • Early Friday Night family-friendly services and Family Shabbat Dinners
    - Tot Shabbat
    • Monthly Shabbat morning services for children ages 5 and below and their families

    - Summer Camp

    • Summer fun for Twos, Threes, and Fours, featuring flexible scheduling options, fresh air, water play, and activities guaranteed to keep your kids happy and active!


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