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The Rabbi Jeshaia and Hilde Schnitzer Institute of Adult Jewish Studies

Shomrei provides a varied curriculum for adult studies. (view the calendar of classes here. Current offerings include:

Chevrah Shas (Talmud Study)

The Talmud (also called "shas") is the foundation for how we think and practice our Judaism.  Please join us as we establish our own Chevreh Shas (fellowship for the study of Talmud) here at Shomrei. We will study the Talmud, diving into its deliberations about issues grand and small, as they arise in our lives as human beings living as Jews. Rabbi Greenstein teaches this class. Study texts will be provided in English. No prior background is required.  And you can join at any time. The class meets most Sundays 10:30am - 11:30am.


Mitzvah of the Week

We explore the 613 mitzvot – Jewish obligations – each week. What do the classic texts say? What do we say? What is the meaning, the problems, the relevance, old and new forms of each mitzvah? Discussion is in English, open to all. Rabbi Greenstein teaches this class which meets most Sundays just after the Sunday minyan. (approx) 10:10am - 10:30am.


The Zohar

Page by page, we slowly read through the Book of the Zohar, the greatest expression of the Jewish mystical tradition. The teachings are often poetic, profound and elusive, sometimes troubling, bizarre or seemingly incomprehensible. The pace is slow and requires patience, but the rewards of sustained immersion in the Zohar are deep and gratifying. This year we are starting a new volume of the English translation by Danny Matt, the Pritzker edition - Volume II - which opens with the story of Abraham and Sarah.  No prior background is required.  All are welcome! Rabbi Greenstein teaches this class which meets most Thursdays 8-9pm. 


Beginning Hebrew

This course will teach Classical Hebrew for students with some background in Hebrew language. It will include an intensive review of the structure, grammar, and vocabulary of the Hebrew language as used in the Siddur and Tanach. The course will use guided readings from the Tanach as a vehicle for study. The class is taught by Yechiel Felder and meets Sundays 8-9am


Weekly Torah Study

An hour-long group discussion focused on the weekly Torah portion led by Rabbi Greenstein. Meets every Saturday just before morning services. 8:30am-9:30am.


Israel Cinema Cafe

We launched our Israel Cinema Café several years ago for the purpose of learning about Israel’s history, unique society and culture, as well as, enjoying Israeli films, discussing them a bit, and having a nosh with friends. We start with a topical presentation, a nosh, film shorts, and a brief introduction to the film.  After the screening, enjoy more nosh and a discussion led by Yechiel Felder. Meets various Sundays 5:30pm-8:30pm.