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Shomrei Shares 2012

If there be among you a needy person, one of your kinsmen, in any of your settlements, in the land that the Lord your G-d is giving you, do not harden your heart and shut your hand against your needy kinsman. Rather you must open your hand and lend him sufficient for whatever he needs.” Deuteronomy 15:7-8

Each year, the congregants of Shomrei Emunah adopt needy families during the holiday season.  This year, we are supporting 9 families, one for each night of Chanukah and one for the Shamash.

Please gift wrap your gifts and code with the number that is assigned to each family and what the gift is.  Please also note specifically who in the family the gift is intended for. The families have listed what they need. Since we are purchasing collectively, don’t be bound by only their request. Free to think creatively and warmly!

Place the wrapped gifts in the boxes marked with the code number associated with the specific family.  Gifts must be new items.  

Families often request gift certificates for food or gift certificates to stores like Target, clothing, household items, toiletries, books or toys for the children.  Listed are their requests, but anything is appreciated. No item is too small! Used clothing is not acceptable.

You can provide Shomrei Scrip for the families as well. Scrip is a great way to give to Shomrei Shares. Here is how Scrip works. Purchase scrip-100% of your contribution is given to a Shomrei Shares family or families and the store gives Congregation Shomrei Emunah 5% back. So you are actually giving twice, once to the families and once to Shomrei Emunah. To purchase Script, simply write a check to “Shomrei Emunah” and leave it in the office for Renata Worob.  Any questions on scrip, please contact Renata Worob at 917-346-4761.

Gifts must be dropped off no later than 4:00 pm on December 19th.

Thank you for reaching out to the families.

Any questions regarding Shomrei Shares, contact Amanda Seeff-Charny (973) 509-0437.

Here is a list of the 9 families to purchase gifts for.
Family  #1-Code AC 1
Code : AC 1
History: This is a young woman who has survived cancer. She cares for her foster daughter and her little girl. She gives what she can but money is scarce.
PERSON                 AGE                              NEEDS                                          SIZE
Woman                       60                    Clothing, Household Items                  Medium Petite
Woman                       15                    Clothing / Toiletries                             Large petite
Girl                               8                    Doll/ Toys/ Books                                Size 7


Family # 2- Code AC 2

Code : AC 2
History: This is an elderly couple with no relatives. They struggle to survive and would appreciate anything
PERSON                    AGE                         NEEDS                             SIZE
Mr.                               84                    Something warm                    Large
Mrs.                             81                    Personal items                        Large


Family  # 3-AC 3

Code : AC 3
History: Dad taking care of daughters. His wife recently died. Medical expenses have drained him
PERSON                 AGE                     NEEDS                                    SIZE
Dad                             37                    $ for food                                Large
Girl                              14                    Clothing                                   Medium
Girl                              11                    School Supplies                      Large
Girl                              8                      Games/ gloves/scarf              Small

Family # 4-AC 4

Code : AC 4
History: Single parent raising a foster child and can use all the help she can get.
PERSON                     AGE                  NEEDS                                   SIZE
Mom                            38                   sweater                                   Medium
Girl                              10                   music and books                     Small


Family #5-AC 5

Code : AC 5
History: Single dad raising his 2 children and is unemployed. He would appreciate any help possible.
PERSON                  AGE                          NEEDS                                     SIZE
Dad                             39                   clothing/household items               XLarge          
Boy                             13                    School Supplies/games                 Medium
Girl                              9                     School Supplies/candy                   Medium


Family # 6-AC 6

Code : AC 6
History: Mom with one son. He is not well and they struggle to make ends meet.
PERSON                 AGE                           NEEDS                                       SIZE
Mom                           36                    clothing, $ for food                           Large
Boy                             12                    Socks/gloves/scarf                           Medium


Family #  7-AC 7

Code : AC 7
History: College student with no parents and no support from family members.
PERSON                   AGE                      NEEDS                                         SIZE
Girl                              17                    She would appreciate anything        medium

Family #  8-AC 8

Code : AC 8
History: This family had a flood and lost many of their belongings and would be grateful for anything
PERSON                   AGE                     NEEDS                                  SIZE
Mom                            45                    Clothing                                   Medium
Dad                             47                    $ for food                                Medium          
Boy                              12                    music                                      Small


Family # 9-AC9

Code: AC #9
HISTORY: This is a single mom raising two young girls with very little support.
PERSON                   AGE                            NEEDS                            SIZE
Mom                            26                    Something warm                    Medium
Girl                              12                    Likes jewelry                           small
Girl                              10                    School Supplies                      small